Sunday, 17 August 2008

Excitement central

Okay so I missed the first of August to do the whole hurray put the arms in the air and shake your whole body like Animal and last Saturday. But better late than never, huh?? Why are we excited that I want to run around like a loon and shake all my wobbly bits?? Donnie (aka my mum) is going to be here in Singapore next Sunday (along with Happy (aka dad) and Rob (younger brother extraordinaire)). This time next week, I will be tipsy (because in this day and age a sniff of alcohol fumes is enough for me to get light headed. That's more thanks to the sewing that the parenting gig though). Why tipsy? Because I am finally going to have my first Singapore Sling. Next Sunday the three generations of females in my line of the family will be hanging out doing nothing important (quick, madly tidy up and shove everything in the cupboards, arg, CT why are you pulling everything out again????). Well I have clothes buying plans. Need more than the sum total of 4 outfits that are not too hot and I like wearing, now don't I?? S, Happy and Rob can sod off and do the touristy thing because I need quality time with my best friend.
Belly first
So where have I been. Commissions people. Um sorry swap partners, will get back on track. I have been stuffing around with Igi who refuses to become a risu on the swap front. (Evil laughing if you want to know what a risu is a) ask a Japanese speaking friend or b) look up an online dictionary). For those of you who speak Japanese, have a think, do can you see my juvenile humour.
There was also a personal set back that had my dark side hanging out so cynical dark old me kept one's nimble fingers still. (News Flash: Oh there is a streaking baby with a potty in her hands that has just come to visit... Must have slipped past S while his back was turned for half a second. Sheesh she is quick these days on those two pins.) S's dinosaur notebook died (during the Olympic opening ceremony) as I was writing a blog post) and it took a few days to get pyuu (my second ever computer's name, long story) up and running. Seeing that I haven't really used pyuu since CT was born, I had to remember a few interesting features on the keyboard and how to undo said features. Ah the joys of a Japanese operating system.
I must
Also my days have been really full, tripping around various child paradises around Singapore. If you have looked at the photos throughout the post, this is a bit of a chronological story of some and I stress some of the outings CT and I have been on with or without S. Unfortunately I lost some photos when the dinosaur died as well. Other times we were having tooooooo much fun together for me to even pause about stopping and whipping out the camera. :D
Well tootles all. Promise the regular creating posts will return. I need to show off the truly amazing parcels that have been through my post box (though you have probably seen them on Flickr). Also of the items I have sent off.
The faceless tot
So I leave you with 2 questions people:
a) Am I bad Australian mummy when I allow this to happen?? (And there will be no more until Sunday as Donnie and co are bringing tonns our way. :D)
Mummy how could you!!
b) S thinks we need to do something about the Billy Ray Cyrus circa 1992 mullet. Your thoughts??
Donnie, papa has a question


Lil D said...

Cut it. I was probably over-eager about baby haircuts, though - I just wanted to try something different from the same old hair cut that I give my husband...

Enjoy your visitors!

painted fish studio said...

whew! you have been busy! i'm so excited for you to see your mum, i wish you could spend more time with her. and i hope she brings you jars and jars for the stinky stuff.

leave the mullet! her curls are just too cute to part with.

Suzy said...

Oh no! Out of Vegemite?!!! That would cause a riot in our house, Ali and I are both daily consumers. Good thing you have fresh supplies coming soon.
And I think CT's curls are gorgeous... it suits her much better than Billy Ray :)