Monday, 28 July 2008

Playdate Goodness

We're off to a fairly big play date tomorrow. 20 mummies and their respective tin lids (I am guessing at least 30). I would like to take one of Overmilkwood's awesome cake stands (but am searching for shot glass alternatives (where did S hide the sake glasses????)) for my favourite play date biscuits. Though they will be travelling in one of these.
front view

Weekender Biscuits

125g (4oz) butter
1/3 cup sugar
1 jumbo/2 small egg/s (otherwise the biscuits are a dry argument)
2/3 cup sultanas (yellow raisins)
1 cup of self-raising flour
2 cups lightly crushed cornflakes

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add Egg/s, beat well. Fold in sifted flour, sultanas and crushed cornflakes. Drop teaspoonfuls of mixture onto lightly greased oven trays/biscuit sheets/Glad Bake. Allow room for spreading (these suckers really spread). Make in moderate oven 20 minutes. If your oven is hot 15 minutes is all you need. Makes about 30 (I usually get more).

From The Australian Women's Weekly The Big Book of Beautiful Biscuits (classic version ie late 70s early 80s brown cover version rather than the modern pinkish cover).
Cornflake biscuits
Don't they look scrummy. CT is a pelican when it comes to these beauties.


Meridian Ariel said...

the biscuits look lovely but that bag is georgeous! I made peach muffins for breakfast yesterday but havent had a chance to blog them yet..

painted fish studio said...

yum! i'm trying to cook/bake more, and you have inspired me. i will make myself biscuits for breakfast this weekend.

Lil D said...

They look delicious. My poor kids - I hardly ever bake and when I do it usually goes wrong... Hmm, why does no one ever show up to our playdates carrying a cute bag full of biscuits?

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Cookies aside (I've eaten too many lately) did you make that bag? I would love to carry edibles somewhere in that ditty.

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

Yummy! I'll have to give these a whirl sometime!

Suzy said...

Ooh, I remember these, my nanna used to make them. I am picking up cornflakes this afternoon and trying them out - yum!

disa said...

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