Friday, 25 July 2008

My Friday Volunteer Gig

Surprised to see another post so soon?? I had so much fun today that I would like to share my fun Friday gig with you all. Some time ago I mentioned that I was taking over as the Art and Craft coordinator's spot at our playgroup, well today was my first day. I am very lucky that my predecessor, has planned themes for the year already (which is what I struggle with) and all I have to do most weeks (not every week mind you, because some have already been partially prepared) is to organise an appropriate activity for 18 months to 5 years.
dippoloducus sample.
This week's theme was dinosaurs and I chose finger puppets. You can find the templates I used here but Enchanted Learning has more dinosaur activities here. I copied the finger puppets, then pasted them into a word document, increased the size and printed them off. I recommend paper heavier than 80 gsm but less than 200 gsm (difficult to cut the holes out otherwise). Then I went through the ANZA craft supplies. This week I decided to use cut out paper pieces, sequins, commercial pom poms, glitter glue and stickers. Mainly because they were already in containers. There were also markers, crayons and pencils on the craft table. It was interesting seeing what the kids chose to do with the supplies. I assumed because the t-rex looked aggressive that the girls would gravitate to the dipplodocus puppets. WRONG. Most kids chose to do a little colouring (markers seemed to be the most popular. CT was the only one who showed interest in the crayons.), a little gluing and sticker action (interesting to also watch them carefully select the stickers and then stick them. Some haphazard, others with great deliberation.) The feedback from other parents was good and let's see how next week, gingerbread men goes.
t-rex sample
As I hovered over the table (anxious because it was my first time), CT spent a lot of time at the table experimenting. I accidently round paper filed her first effort a crayon/marker creation (she seems to be going through a purple faze). As she was observing the other kids around the table, she became fascinated with the glitter glue and glue stick. The whole squeeze the glitter glue tube went over her head but she understood that she could spread the glitter with the nib. I have to admit that I was surprised she didn't use her hands. In the space of an hour she also worked out how to take the lid off the glue stick, use the glue end like she does a pencil to put glue on the paper (also surprised she didn't experiment further there either) and stick a piece of paper (not much lasted because, why not pull it off and place another piece on). She was also fascinated with the texture. I haven't used glue with her before. Sighed relief that she didn't try to imitate some of her pals glue eating either (or did she try it and decide that she didn't like the taste??). Her second dinosaur is the below, the glitter version and not the pink and brown one. The top one belongs to her friend Oliver.
Proud Mummy
Here are some other activities that I found but didn't use (most because of the age range of the kids); dinosaur shoes, 3D dinosaurs, coffee fossils, memory game, and my favourite origami (though it looks a little difficult.).
Thanks S
I would also like to thank S for helping me cut out 30 t-rexs last night (as seen above, you are a star sweetie). I did the diplodocus templates. Another big thanks for letting me store it on the floor of the linen cupboard. (Now all I have to do is make sure we DO NOT open the door when CT is awake.... I have had to put supplies away several times in the last week...)


Ahfat said...

Hi, I got my fabric from the old woodland market, haven't buy any fabric from Arab St(yet)! Oh... I also have a huge pile of fabric at home...hehehe....that's why we are "crazy" enough to sew for ourselves. Oh... why there is no craft session on this dino making on the meet up calender? Would like to join too if the timing and location is ok for us.

Molly said...

Sounds like such a fun activity. CT and pals are lucky kiddos. Still need to mail stg to you. Havent forgotten...just lazy!

painted fish studio said...

congratulations, it sounds like it went well! and what a great project. really!