Monday, 7 July 2008

The post in which Donnie ROCKS!!


Thanks for all the stash loving. :D
Lookie, lookie
Today is a post all about why Donnie Rocks and her mad chum Sharyn. Through the pair of them I have a BRAND NEW machine. THANK YOU Donnie. Feeling very special here. So it means that I can have a few projects on the go on both machines! I have sewn on the new baby in Brisvegas (as some Brisbane residents fondly call Brisbane, Australia) during transit (move to Singapore was from Perth, Australia via Donnie). I loved it and hankered over it. I knew said machine was coming my way for awhile. Donnie blew me away when she told me she was giving me the newbie. Thanks. And a big thank you Sharyn for bringing to over. Lucky me! A visit from a friendly face and a new machine. Sharyn thanks for the jaunt to Arab St (yes I added to the stash), a lovely lunch and coming around for dinner (head hung in shame over the state of the floor).
Who is this?
Donnie also sent other goodies, through cousins as well. Check out the little girl's new threads!
the dress
Smart or what???
I'm so Pretty
I am usually good at naming machines, but I am stumped for the newbie. Can you help me?? There will be a give away for the best name. Keeping it an SS people until winner is announced. :D So delurk, help me name the newbie (because that moniker is kind of sad....).

Edit: Name my machine competition ends next Tuesday. The giveaway will be sewn on yet to be name machine and will have button holes (OMG I have fallen in love with the buttonhole feature on this machine!! What a doddle!!) and will have one of my 'thread paintings' (but that will be sewn on Ma, seeing we are at one with the free hand machine embroidery)


painted fish studio said...

yay to a new machine! how about "daffy"? (i started with "pfaffy") say, i need some ribbon sewn onto a dress, and no one here has a sewing machine that works. now you have 2. i should send you my stuff.

and love ct's new dress! she's such a doll!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Well, now I'm thinking it should be some strong Japanese name but I'm at a loss there. Also, the pink is screaming Clara to me. Don't know why.

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

In the theme of Brisvegas..and as a tribute to the two wonderful folks that helped bring you this dream about:
Donaryn? Or...Sharnie! :-)
Congrats on your new beauty!!

Joanna Silva said...

How about Pfifi? :)

Katy said...

Oh, she's a beauty. Deanna, she's a Deanna to me. It can be pronounced DEEENA or DE-ANNA, both are equally bad and suitable for your new baby (methinks)

CT is also looking mighty fine in her new threads!

Meridian Ariel said...

lovely machine, I don't know anything about sewing machines though.

I think she looks like a Lucinda .. Lucy for short... the name poped into my head when I saw the picture.

Happy Sewing!!!!

Christina said...

"Bertha" just seems so fitting for a sewing machine... not sure why...?

Ayama-chan said...

Adding Smoothpebble's name suggestion, Matilda.

Lil D said...


I know most pick female names for sewing machines, but I feel more comfortable swearing at a masculine one...