Thursday, 24 July 2008

A Name and I Would Like You all to Sing Along With Me

We will get to the name in awhile people. I need you to all sing with me. Our chosen piece of music is Handel's Messiah Chorus (a linkie link to the music if you really want to get in the spirit of things). Que intro and all together people (in the full glory of this piece...) "Far Croatia, Far Croatia, Far Croatia, Faar Crooatia...."

Why?? Well because I was being a show off last week, karma decided to come and slap me around for being a smart arse (and had annoying humid weather/torrential rain, so I can't PVA my bits for MPC (see my mind is on the same page as you mawha ha ha)). Everything I have touched since the 14th has been a disaster. Some have been salvaged, but I have started my THIRD attempt at my Russian Doll Swap. The first attempts will make appearances in other places at a later stage. But they can stay crumpled in a far corner under the sewing machine dining table in the studio until one doesn't feel like hacking into it with the scissors (no photos of that cluck up for you then as well). Just couldn't use the thread paintings for what I wanted them for, I sort of kind of painted the corners of the fabric into the back of the fabric... Got frustrated with how much eye strain the first attempt gave me (red fine line pen on denim will do it to you every time), so I decided to give freezer paper a go.
Knew if I iron the design down it wasn't going to move and I would see said design. Like how intricate it is?
double hmpf
Like the paper??
Just to let you know how really bad it is!!!!!!
'Cause it ain't coming out. The horns are well and truly out for these poor poppets... I have plans for them. You will find out in due time (evil teacher laugh). So sorry Meridian Ariel, I feel so flakey...
Like the zippered pouch??
Like the zippered pouch and
What do you do with a failed placemat?
coasters? 2 failed place mats... Not rehashing that either. Not going to share the mangled hats and the burnt Ikea animal print baby quilt.... Phew that is off my chest, thanks for the moan bond and vent.

Now for a drum roll...... The newbie machine has a name. It took awhile to pin Donnie down to decide on a name. S flat refused because he felt I would argue with him over a name. Besides he felt seeing Donnie gave me said beauty, Donnie should help me. So the machine's name is Fred. Thank you Lil'd for the name. All the males in the maternal line have the name Fred (actually Fredrick) as a Christian or second name. We agreed if Fred was being a good machine, Fred is channelling its inner female so Fred is short for Fredrine. On the other hand, if Fred is playing up thus channelling its inner male, Fred is short for Featherdick (one poor unfortunate relative scored that nickname when his best friend aged 3 couldn't pronounce Frederick properly...) So there you have it a Jacobsen tradition won hands down. Lil'd if you could please contact me via Flickr and I will get your contact details.

Well I am going to return to my manic reality. I do not want to jinx what I have been up to, so it will remain a super dooper secret squirrel, which I hope I can share soon. If the SDSS falls through, expect to see all the creatively rejigged items that are not swaps, in my Etsy store (and that will be all at once for the sheer hell of it!!). Oh I am so all over the place, too many play dates and not enough sleep will do that to you... Thank you all so very much for your messages regarding the death of my special student. They all helped and writing a looooong letter to the family has helped me. Smooth thanks for helping me remember one of my favourite memories of the older sister (but I will not be tempted by your swap suggestions...). :D Wish me luck people.


Meridian Ariel said...

I'm not worried about the swap... take your time.. it took me long enough to sort out my end anyway. I wouldn't mind if you could send me a pic once you frame the picture though.. as I forgot to... *puts dunce hat on*

isn't it awful when things go tits up... I scrapped about 4 paintings last week becuse my vision was not remotely close to the disaster that I made.

good luck with Fred!

painted fish studio said...

seriously, what in the world did you do to flip karma around so bad?! i'm sorry this week has been so challenging, but i like what you've been up to! fred. that's a great name for a sewing machine...

best of luck with the sdss! :)

Lil D said...

Weeks like that are so cruel. I hope your luck improves.

You've just improved my day ten-fold by telling me that you picked Fred!

Ahfat said...

Found your blog through meet-up group, hope to see you soon.