Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Confessions of a fabric hoarder

This post is specially dedicated to Jackie, as I have been pillaging her chocolates and other backing and stash on flickr. Feel free to help yourselves as well (online that is).
Singapore finds
Kathy recently came out of the closet and revealed her shoe collection. I love shoes, but have 'feet issues' so gorgeous shoes are out. If there is anything I need to come out of the closet about would have to be the stash. Fabric and certain notions are the one thing I hoard almost compulsively. So confession time. This week is fabric that has mysteriously made its way into my stash in the short 4 months I have been here (yes four). Oh the photo shoot took close to 2 hours because...
Fabrics found frequently
of the photographic assistant. I left explanations of the piles on Flickr. I am just going to post the eye candy and let you know that I have plans for ALL that fabric. You can also see the stashes at Flickr too.
Quilting cottons
American and Japanese Patchwork Fabrics
Cotton lawns and broderie anglaise
Cotton lawns and broderie anglaise
Mystery Bag
Mystery bag

And you know what S is cool with the fabric. Thanks for letting me have this vice. Oh I also updated Etsy tonight. Will edit the photos tomorrow (had to update).


Molly said...

Thanks for sharing your vast fabric collection!

painted fish studio said...

lovely stash!

Rhonda said...

Love the EyeCandy. Having a stash is very important to insure the well-being of a quilter. Without the stash...what are we?????? In trouble....hehehehehehehehe ..... Take care.

Suzy said...

Oooh fabulous stash! I especially love those blue and orange blobby ones in the lawn pile. Yum!

lannyt said...

I cant stop buying fabric!!! HELP!!!

I am addicted to an online store called

The always seem to have a sale going on and the most incredible fabrics on display.

If you want a peek try clicking the ofllowing link,, but sorry if it doesnt work: http:/

Hope you enjoy as much as I do. Lanny