Sunday, 29 June 2008

niko niko creations ga tanjoo shimashita yo!!

excitement, excitement, excitement from my point of view peeps!!
Prehistoric fish
after a few very "$!#&%&(& technical hitches which require telephone calls to australia (loooooong story and i'm not going to bore you nickerless over it either), i finally got the shop up today. we are listed here and the name of my little piece of etsy is niko niko creations. five items listed (a little often is what i am aiming for) and will probably update with 3-5 items each time (because nature comes in odd numbers usually).
twinkle twinkle little fish
you are probably wondering why i called myself niko niko creations (gotta love the hyperlink). niko niko means to smile or to beam (in my thinking it is a wide smile but can mean a grin too). one hopes that one's handmades do that. one of ct's japanese nicknames is niko niko (because that's what she does a lot) and seeing that she is the quality control officer.....
Cheep Cheep Baa Baa
have lots of other stuff to post about peeps. need to find more hours in the day!! let's just say during the day when someone is awake it is action, action, batton down the hatches (sheesh she has become so bold with the whole sticky beak routine) and sew, sew, sew when said home destroyer (forget the wrecking, mayhem and distruction are now the order of business) is asleep.
Nellie and friend
now all i need to do is to work out how to put an etsy and flickr badge up on my page.... all pictures are current etsy stock. :D


AnnieB said...

gorgeous...but you know already that I think that!

painted fish studio said...

yay! congratulations!!! i love them all. i loved one in particular!

Pecos Blue said...

Good for you.

kirsten said...

congrats! your pouches are adorable!

Meridian Ariel said...

congrats! total loveliness!