Sunday, 1 June 2008

the food group one-a-day photoshare june

three posts in one day. actually, i started typing a few of these a few days ago...

a practical solution for one of my mole hills. i am bored of cooking and my lunches at the moment (too much of a good thing, curries and vegemite sandwiches). my motivator? chickpea studio's the food group. this is my motivator. can't be posting the same old dishes now can i?? pulled out some cookbooks today (have lots of noodle dishes ear marked as well as one pot japanese wonders) to get the bowl rolling.
japanese curry
today i am sharing ct's favourite dish, japanese curry. can't remember what it should have in it but i add lots of vegetables not included in a typical recipe. donnie, taught me a few tricks about hiding veggies. actually ct is a good veggie eater if they are cooked. raw, or no garlic, forget it. the spoons?? someone wants to feed herself (2 spoonfuls yesterday, which i missed while i was taking photos at the table. weekends = family meals together.). and well we need one too. there are usually three at any given meal.

an added bonus might be my photography and editing skills might improve. oh, can anyone tell me how do i post badges on the blog?? is anyone interested in a rice colouring tutorial with short video clips?


Anna said...

A big yes to the rice coloring tutorial. I also see that my suggestion of frozen peas for the molars might not work but give it a try anyway. Frozen is different from raw and if it makes her teeth feel better she might come round.

painted fish studio said...

i think i can help you with getting badges up! i'd just need to brush up on my blogger skilz. i think i still have an account open, remind me to look into it!