Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I'm setting records

...for how long it takes me to post. Sheesh. As always the break was unintended and I have a myriad of excuses a non sleeping CT and an insomnia plagued me being the big 2. Making stuff for swaps and an Etsy store are in the top 5 excuses as well.
Still to come
So the three big things coming up in the next week for me. Friday is the one year anniversary of me getting a lovely scar on my left knee. It matches the other one the right that I got 4 years prior to that when I had an ACL reconstruction. Love to brag about the scars but don't want to scare you with the ghost white knees. Next Wednesday is the grand unveiling of Niko Niko Creations (we have a name, finally). I am nervous about opening the Etsy store. Will people like what I make enough to buy and I am hoping in the long run that I will give me a little financial independence (hate not contributing to the household income peeps). Oh, if you are wondering what Niko Niko means; it's the Japanese onomatopoeic word for grinning. It is one of CT's nicknames (she is a big grinner). The third is a 33rd birthday somewhere in the next week. It could be tomorrow, Monday next.... But I am not going to tell you all. I have very low expectations on the birthday front, I have my reasons but there is no need to be dark side of sunny today.
S this is a public apology of sorts. If you visit my flickr account often (I am a regular poster there because there are 2 CT fans who complain in volumes if I am slack), you will notice that I make humour of S and the way he is cautious with money. Sweetie, you have it on public record that I am sorry that my lame attempts at humour have upset you and will not refer to this endearing (yet frustrating at the same time) trait. I am not trying to make you look like the an idjit. You can sue me if I don't keep up my end of the bargain.
This is where
Do you like the views of the studio?? This is my world at the moment. Very lucky that CT is willing to happily destroy the room as I sew. Not for long stretch but I can on and off now.
This is

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Anonymous said...

hey miss mcspannar, how is it going?
Good luck with the shop and everything.