Wednesday, 25 June 2008


That is how I would describe life at the moment but the funny thing is I like it like that.
Hyo Hyo
S' insanity streak is his current work hours. Big projects close to completion = 8am to 12am work days. Plus how thoughtful he was today (but I will write a little more about that ron peeps).
try again
CT's insanity streak, which has made her much happier and I think frustrates S is she is walking. Insane because she has been on the brink of walking for months. Insane because she went from almost zip to confidently toddling around in the space of an hour and a half last Friday afternoon. Insane because you should see the pleasure that this achievement gives her. There will be lots more of the above picture shot (standing that is).
Where's my boat??
Mine?? The number of hours I am sleeping, the swaps to be completed, the store opening today (need to retake some photos, photography getting better but...), store sewing I still want to do (taking the little often approach, thanks for the suggestion Jen), I have taken on a playgroup coordinator's role (doing the craft/songs/art organising. Go to this group for the craft and would hate to see it fold. But what was I thinking??), joined a third playgroup (one is contemplating ditching the second one joined too expat-ish for long time stayer me), have developed a sinus infection and I got a year older today (I was going to let that one slip through to the keeper but I got a birthday greeting in the last post). What I am I doing today so far I have answered several phone calls from Australia, been spoilt by my special peeps, been to playgroup (CT is checking out the wall paper behind the peepers, ie napping) and this afternoon we are going to Singapore's biggest water theme park at about 3pm.
Do you think this looks like a dog?
The ron about S and being thoughtful. Oh ron stands for 'lateR ON'. One does not know if that is Elkspeak (family dialect) or common but I use it a lot. Okay this morning S blew me away because I asked for a bike service and a little person seat for the Ninjastar to go to East Coast Park (ECP). This park is insanely close but the half hour walk to get there makes us both hot and bothered. Riding on the bike won't take as long (ha to riding on the roads, foot path all the way peeps) and one will not venture all the way to the park until the weekend. We have been riding around the residents and visitors car park until I get the balance right. So there was no need for anything other than a card and cake. This morning there was an extremely thoughtful card from both S and the Ninjastar. It was so cute that he put a pen in each hand and encouraged her to 'write a message'. The third Pirates of the Caribbean DVD I have been lusting over since it was released (but have done nothing about the acquisition of) and instead of cake (because I have moaned about the extra girth I have), flowers. People I love flowers and couldn't have asked for better cake. Will post the flowers later tonight, that is if Johnny and his swash buckling doesn't win out first.
Fish mania
Going to go get more stuff done!! Hope you have enjoyed all the irrelevant pics for this post, but you will see what they are all about soonish (hate posting without some eyecandy).


painted fish studio said...

happy, happy birthday! and tell s i think he is absolutely wonderful, and that he did a great job.

a little insanity keeps it all interesting, eh? :)

painted fish studio said...

oh, and hope you enjoyed johnny! i wouldn't say he's super-hot in p.o.c, but he is still a dreamboat...

Christina said...

Happy Birthday! But I thought we just stayed the same age after 25...I didn't sign up for getting older. :) How wonderful that CT is walking...or is that scary? ;)

Katy said...


so scary the ninjastar is on her feet and ready to cause even more mayhem....strap everything down!!!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on the store!!!! Are you going to give us a link? Or did I miss it?

Yeah for walking! Boo for walking! Eleanor was like that too. She went to bed not knowing how to walk and then woke up the next more and did. I sometimes think they don't realize that they can but they've been able to for a while. I only say boo because they can get into so much now and I sometimes feel like it's the beginning of the downward spiral away from being cudly. I mean really, who wants to lay in mama's arms when they could be walking instead!

Suzy said...

A bit late, but happy birthday! The bike sounds fantastic. And I bet CT is so proud to be walking... Ali can't wait, he is getting very frustrated with having to hold on to things or crawl.

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