Saturday, 21 June 2008

On Being Spoilt

This post has been awhile coming but I definitely have to post about swaps that I have received as well as a gift from painted fish studio. One was hoping to include the Functional Felt Swap but it still hasn't arrived at my end.
much better
Starting chronologically, I ordered this fab album from jen back in May (sheepish shrug) for special little girl pictures. In this little girl's short life she has had three photo shoots and I wanted to put my favourite studio portraits in there. The shoots? After her birth (suckers), 100 day photos (Japanese tradition) and for Christmas Cards (looooooooooong story that one).
i am touched
I was floored when I read comments on another blog (which I rarely do people if I am not making a comment) and read she had added extra in the package to make up for the Mother's Day that wasn't. Look at the fab bracelet that was in it. I love it but it is difficult for me to wear because the other half of the dubious duo is in love with it too... Nothing worse than having someone trying to pry a bracelet off your arm. This strictly a time in lieu item. But I love it.
but this was easier.
Seeing that jen is a very thoughtful person (as well as such a creative person), she included a felted bead bracelet for ct. CT loves this too. You know when something is special, because it moves from room to room. She was demanding us to put it on her wrist earlier today. There are two short term goals she seems to have putting her shoes on (this is hilarious to watch) and putting her bracelet on. Oh Jackie, I am happy to report there are no buttocks here so we will not need to start another support group like this one.
'... & Green' in its new abode
Next in the post was this fab mobile from My Purple Crayon. My very own version of her original swap mobile. Yeah!! When the mess is too much to bear, one looks up and over the shoulder and serenity. I admired this mobile very much when I first saw it and when she announced that she wouldn't mind swapping a few more....
stab stab stab
Melinda is another thoughtful person and included cutlery, which has been washed several times already. The cutlery is another item that moves from room to room (and if you are not watching the imp, in vegemite sandwiches, yoghurt, sultanas, glasses of water...). Now I have to make a softie set to go with the cutlery so we can have tea parties here. A big thank you from both grinning loons.
I am not finished yet. There is more good mail goodness. :D Next to arrive at Casa Di Caldera was this fab little ATC. Donnie needed a project to keep her from going around the twist after her recent operation (on a side note recovery is going really well), so she decided to make ct a fairy quilt (and matching accessories). Jackie, kindly pointed me in the direction of the fairytale ATC and one thought a wee picture on the wall was in order. This came from Melissa of the.shampoo.people fame. Check out the better photo here. Actually you should check out most of the photography it is serious wow! I have placed a nail in the wall for the frame (I am still to buy) for this beauty. I couldn't hope for a more beautiful ATC. What I really loves about this piece is the 3D detail. I am really into 3D stitching. Miss M how did you know???
In my new home
Last but not least, my 'shroom (okay toadstool) arrived from another very talented lady Kirsten from Kleas fame. I love the colours. Look at the 'shrooms stalk! Knitted!! Sighs of appreciation look at how even the tension and stitches are. So over the knittery jealousy, will admire beautiful pieces that come my way and appreciate the skill and talent ('cause it ain't one I have....). Look at the top. Ms Kleas, how did you know that I was fancying a pointy rather than a flattish 'shroom?? Then there is the little gnome or is he an elf that belongs to the 'shroom. Home or one that he tends because it holds the source of his mischievous magic?? Oh this is another item for the to be transformed bedroom. I know it will fit in well. I would love to say that I have my ATC and toadstool completed Kirsten. They are nearly, and will be in the post on Monday. :D Ditto about reposting on Monday Melinda, won't have time tomorrow, we are picking up the birthday present for moi tomorrow. What? Little person seat for my bike (and a much needed service). Expect more pickies of East Coast Park people (and probably freakily dressed dogs).

Hark is that the doorbell?? Take away, DVD and bottle of wine have our names on it. Thanks Three Sneaky Bugs for the mini date idea. :D


Molly said...

Hmmm. My google reader has not been picking up on your new posts. Will have to fix that.

Love all your mail goodie, and plan to post about mine soon! (Thanks again...I have big plans for the fabric you sent.)

Anna said...

Yeah for mini dates!!!

My what lovely mail you have been receiving. I've been trying to stay away from swaps for a bit but you inspire me.

Happy Birthday!!!!

painted fish studio said...

you deserve to be spoiled! i'm so glad the bracelets were a hit. if only i could work well in advance of special days... just can't. dang it.

happy, happy birthday! you deserve to have a wonderful day, and a big piece of cake. and lots of love from ct & s.