Monday, 14 July 2008

Last week's rabbit hole

Last week, was another very busy week (don't think it will be changing anytime soon either) with CT, various playgroups, a hyperactive bowel, a stint in bed, molars playing havoc with sleep and sewing. Note to self, I need to drink more water otherwise there will be more bouts of a hyperactive bowel. My sincere commiseration those with irritable bowel syndrome.
Want to play?
So this last week was a haze of little girl sewing and making buttons. On the button front I have made and lost 3 sets of buttons, one only wonders how. I had to go supplies, again, and that is what I am doing tonight in front of the zombie box. Donnie's dress, the t-shirt dress tutorial, a lack of trousers and the fact that CT is about to grow out of most of her handmades, spurred last week's sewing activity. That and I moved onto the dining room table and S was extremely impressed about it... His positive comments spurred me into action people. Have a look below (need to work harder on the photography. None of shots on hangers off the door looked any good....). What do you think? Most of the garments were made from こはるの ふく(which I take to mean Small Spring/Young Spring Clothing) ISBN 9784579109708. All the little outfits are easy to construct.
The New Wardrobe so far
There are 5 pairs of pants because we go to lots of indoor play centres (like every other day) and I really felt these are more appropriate than bloomers. A customised tee, a puppy for the puppy obsessed little girl. I couldn't find appropriate button eyes at the time but the shirt now has eyes. A halter neck top in blue polka dots and frogs (frogs, fish, dogs and circles are motifs I love) which you will notice have matching pants. Cherry broderie anglaise skirt, really easy to make. Cherry broderie anglaise wrap top which is from the same McCalls pattern that the elephant top was made out of. Cherry broderie anglaise tunic dress which was worn to playgroup today. This dress will be a staple of a little girl's wardrobe for years to come. Easy to make, easy to wear and lovely in cool cottons. Finally frog polka dot tunic. The puppy tee and stripey pants were worn to playgroup on Friday, lots of positive comments and few people asking where I bought the outfit. Loved saying, 'I made it last night'. I bought more of the stripes today. The cherry tunic dress was worn to another playgroup this morning and lots more compliments. I have plans for this dress. I know a local store that sells simple clean line linen/cotton neutral handmade items. What do you think? Worth going and trying to sell myself???

Oh I have decided to trawl for more comments and extended the name the machine giveaway to Friday. Honestly, it will take me until then to finish the said goodie until then and want to draw the competition with prize.... Cherio all. I am off to make more buttons. 4th time lucky???


painted fish studio said...

how fabulous that you can say "i made it myself last night"! but be careful, you may get requests from play group to outfit children other than your own! :)

Meridian Ariel said...

I think its totally worth going and selling your things.. they are lovely, and I think its worth you going for it... your things are really pretty and alot of people appreciate when things are made by hand with love.

Lil D said...

They're really cute. I've really been slacking in the clothes making front this summer. You've put me to shame...