Friday, 30 May 2008


ohisashiburi mina-san,

as the japanese say long time no see folks. can you hear the vacuuming, dusting and me blowing away the cobwebs and tumble weeds???
he he he
flu recovery was ssslllooowww, especially for ct. seriously last week i did not want to moan about the cough (that still persists but is almost gone) or the fact that my little sweetie was not eating but on monday my cautionary tale (melinda i loved your guess) decided fruit toast, sultanas, bananas, juice, vegemite sangers (sandwiches) and japanese curry (ayama-chan style, that is full of many vegetables) are back on the menu. now we are being fussy. in other little girl news 4 molars (yes 4 of the bloody things) have decided to cut through at once. so sleeping has been hit and miss some days (for all calderas). any no drug pain relief remedies that you can recommend people?? any tips will be much appreciated.
my mole hills have also been making me a tad negative and cynical. lapping the complex pool has done wonders and i have some workable solutions for me. the biggest is that these are mole hills but if i keep up the present blahness, it could be disastrous (and that is a very japanese explanation. where i have discussed an issue by talking around it...).enough navel gazing, ct does enough of this for all of us. for reasons unknown to me she finds her and my navel the most fascinating things...
the whole set
what has been happening in the absence? functional felt swap (big gokigen yoo prostration to jen and anna for organising such a fun swap), more fabric dyeing, diy fishbowls, atc fantasy/fairytale swap (i'm thinking japanese fairytales. some good ones can be found here with groovy music), 'shrooming (playing with this tutorial), etsy pattern testing (he he he some of you have been guinea pigs, thanks), mailing (and cheering donnie up, thanks for talking donnie), losing hours in blogs and looking at eye candy. so on the not too distant horizon these are the following swaps i am working on atc fantasy/fairytale swap and toadstool swap (can you believe that i have the same swap partner for both swaps?? who?? the lovely kirsten of kleas fame. exciting and a little bit frightening...), finishing melinda's mobile (weather is playing havoc still), then focusing on etsy (i am thinking functional whimsy type stuff) for awhile (unless jackie twists my arm again... dear, the tea towels are so tempting. but katy has been a naughty monkey, she roped me in. russian dolls anyone? jen, this is a doesn't have to be a fibre swap.). though i do feel that i have an octopus' garden in me after seeing this amazing octupus here. do i make one for my looming birthday?? yes, that is on the not too distant horizon. and no i am not worried that i am turning 33 this year ('i'm not afraid of getting old, getting old, getting old, i'm not affraid of getting old la la la la la'). um bet anyone other than jen, anna, donnie or jane, can't guess when it is though.
in all it's pvc glory
on a closing note, people think beatles, think 'octupus's garden' and sing with me. it's been a song close to my heart since thursday (and s had to do some research with ct to work out what i was going on about)...