Friday, 9 May 2008

This is my favourite pair of shoes that i could sleep in if i could

this is only 5 days late. i had intended to write this post last night after i discovered that i would not be going out to dinner (first time since ct was born peeps... that's nearly 14 months...). so i abandoned that idea, after i spied the 1995 BBC production of pride and prejudice DVDs. a christmas pressie still unwatched. i loved the series when it was broadcast in 1996, watched early last year on friday afternoons while heavily pregnant and seeing i was disappointed (well more like in a strop), what better way to spend an evening but staring at colin firth (series eye candy peeps) for nearly 6 hours. hanging head in shame, yes, i played the whole series last night but i had to see that scene where firth (aka mr darcy) is dripping wet after that dip (go to the link. have a look, ah what daydreams i had of that brill tv moment)... well it was so close to the end of the series, so why not finish it?? i was productive as well, lots of projects cut out, tread paintings prepared and i even did some handwork (yes i do do handwork as well...)
this is the pair of shoes that i could sleep in if i could
i have gone off on a tangent... okay this is the pair of shoes i would sleep in if i could (thank you hip hop and banana bread for the topic.). for a girl with flat feet and collapsing arches, pretty shoes are a no no. i need practical. these are practical but do not look like something my late gran wore (hurrah!) thanks donnie for the early birthday gift. these babies are the perfect foot ware for foot falconing (foot falcon = to walk, foot falconing is me playing wit the original term) with ct in sling and shopping. i have managed 5 hours of walking and had sore feet (shoulders are another issue though).
favourite impractical shoes
how ever, i really do like these fugs that i own (yes i am a dag). the thongs (thong = flip flops. not skimpy underwear) i bought while on honeymoon in naiper new zealand (if you like art deco, this is the town for you) 4 years ago. ct has a major fetish for these babies, if i want to wear them down to the pool, i have to go searching... the hello kitty number are platform masseurs. a group of students bought them for me. i liked to wear geta to school, so these kind hearted little souls thought that their garden gnomish (that's what the darlings called the vertically challenged of the faculty) teacher could use height and style. these instruments of pain, are for admiring and not wearing. ouch ouch ouch to walk in.


painted fish studio said...

i heart colin firth!

what's a dag?

oooo, your fugs are super-cute!

Anna said...

I love, love, love that version of Pride & Prejudice. Colin Firth is yummy!!!

hikebikekayak said...

I too "love, love, love" that version of Pride & Prejudice! I just brought it home from my moms and have been meaning to watch it. But, once I start it, I can't stop until i'm done! I also really like the Sense & Sensibility movie done some years ago.