Sunday, 7 September 2008

Catching up

I think if they were handing an award out for the most inconsistent blogger, I would be in with a good chance of winning it. Honestly, I have started a few posts, thought of many posts, but not quite got to it. You probably wonder what I do with my time. Okay I will let you in on the secret, this is my online playgroup. You probably won't be able to see much. But we (and that is the royal we) are very active members. Um, if we are not signed up for one of those playdates (we even host some), it is pretty rare. CT is just so active and constantly distroying the house. I deliberately try to wear her out.
Not sure about you mate
Donnie and Happy (can't miss the family resemblance can you??) was here a whole two weeks ago and is now somewhere about here:
This where Donnie is
When she came it was like Christmas:
It felt like Christmas
And we did a lot in that day and a half.
I have done a lot of this (and that is all I am confessing to):
Arab St and surrounds haul
Ikea haul
and have had friends with me (I arranged a mummy playdate even),
Some Meetup Mummies
and there have been trips to various places to buy our (in the royal sense again) craft supplies. Call me insane but I have started a little toddler craft group at home. I find that ANZA group has too many distractions and CT observes more than create. But that's okay. Besides I aim to built some gross motor skills (not this kind though) as well as play with materials. If I follow the a little often blog of thumb like Jen, hopefully there will be quick and easy ideas like this:
Nina Craft
more often here.

Donnie had a birthday and I asked Jen to make this for her. I also made this
Happy Brithday Donnie
but she left it with us. Kids Swap check:
The swap without the lollies
Baby tag quilts check (the fronts are on flickr):
The collection
Still working on my Fairytale swap and Robot Swap (public note to self, email your partners), Summer Sack Swap sacks, various clothing items for CT's friends who are the cusp of the terrible twos, a few hats for CT, an ATC to remake (gone MIA) as well baking and playdough (commercial brands and non salt homemade playdough = lots of eating). I have been plough through my teaching word documents and making them into pdfs or finishing them as well (why not over do it in style??)

These items have passed through the mailbox from Jen for CT:
Auntie Jen
Better puppy drawing book photo
see the book underneath the doggies? Ah-Fat loaned me that and we met through the online playgroup.

You may wonder how I am doing it all. One word summary: INSOMNIA.


Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

OK, that's like 7 or 8 posts in one you crazy girl! But I love hearing what you've been up to.

painted fish studio said...

whew! it's hard to keep up with you! i absolutely adore the horse you made, and if i ever have kids i will pay you whatever you want to make me one of those!

i like work-in-progress pics! and they're a good way to make me promise to finish what i started!

everything that donnie made you was so beautiful. little ct is one lucky girl!