Friday, 19 September 2008

Touch Wood

Last Wednesday, I phoned a friend, on a whim, as I do, and spoke about the impending 'joy' of going to Jurong Bird Park with a slight head ache that was caused by enjoying a little too much of the bounty one received recently. Um idjot me should have touched wood and shouldn't have courted Lady Karma. The bird park was awesome, we had fun, screeching birds were not noticed at all because of all the fun.
Front entrance
Methinks Lady Karma, decided that I needed to learn a lesson because CT and I came down with a fever which came with a charming sleep depriving cough. Mildly annoying for oneself but it is heart breaking while it is your little one bravely coughing up her lung and not whinging (though mummy has fussed). Seeing that CT had a nasty bug this time last year,am I right in assuming that this is going to an annual event?? Despite that there has been a lot of creating, both the swap kind, CT & co kind and even something for the home, CT has been content to sit and observe proceedings (the rice box and loo have missed her). I'd love to skite. Um seeing that this fever has decided to go party on in a new host and I feel human again, do you think I can find the camera?? Shame I can't call it up, like the phones...

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painted fish studio said...

ugh. hope you're finally recovering. both of you!