Tuesday, 23 September 2008

More Bragging and A Plug

It's only fair that I start this post with a plug for this fantastic lady, Ah-Fat (as she is known in blogland). I met this lovely lady through Active Toddlers Singapore (If you live in Singapore and lurk here, I cannot stress how fab this group is. Go check it out. :D), we've even been fabric foraging together,and she has good taste in fabric. I bought the piece of fabric after some gentle persuasion.
Thank you Ah-Fat
Ah-Fat has even loaned me this book, (it's under Jen's cool mutt book for CT). You should go to her blog and check out the doll she has made her little girl, who is such a sweetie. Ah-Fat is having a giveaway for Children's Day/Hari Raya (don't forget to leave a comment before next Wednesday) and is having an Etsy sale. Very cute or what??
Messenger Squirrel
Now for a brag. I am so bloody proud of this messenger bag. See the gusset?? Went in like a charm, so swearing or unpicking at all. This also has a zipper pocket, for your treasures. Initially, I was just going to have a little bag without a flap but I felt it would look classier as a messenger bag, especially since it had a zippered pocket. Must say that next time when I make one of these bags, I am going to have a rethink about the way the flap goes on. Like the denim bias? Stabbed myself a few times stitching it down. The G&T has me in a happy zone, so couldn't be arsed swearing. I decided the handle needed some of that trim too (a Textile Centre find, if you are in Singers and want to know how I procured some too). Not so happy about the button hole. Screwed that up a few times (took 2 hours to do, but the day I was making this I was having a 'happy day', so I decided to have a G&T instead of a swear. And it was the same G&T that kept me happy and giggly as I stabbed myself while sewing on the binding.) I hope it is loved at it's new home. Not saying where it is going or what it went with. That's for the new owner to find out when it rocks on into their letterbox, stoop or private mailbox.... But then again CT would think that you have no taste.
Can't catch me


Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Cut bag, thank goodness for the G&T. Love that face of CTs.

painted fish studio said...

you totally deserve to brag about the bag! i saw it on flickr and it is fabulous. and your friend g&t certainly seemed to help! :)

Ahfat said...

Hehehe, thanks for your promotion Anna. Been to your house, and you sure have a lot of nice fabric, and you should be proud of it.
Hanhan's birthday is on 1 Nov, hmm..... now I have lovely handmade goods in mind ;) Oh... and when is CT's birthday?