Saturday, 20 September 2008

Evil Sodding Toddler Hat

Bansai!! Camera found, albeit in a strange place, but I can start skiting!!
They may be evil sodding toddler hats but...The above hat looks innocent enough but, don't be deceived, it's not a very forgiving pattern (Though CT would tell you that they were fab...). It's from ???? My pattern tracing was not 100% perfect but I was very careful. I know that I was not so careful with the cutting out. Most commercial patterns have leeway in cutting and sewing together. Not these patterns.... So with a few extra mms of fabric, a raging fever and lead foot sewing (seams are mainly straight but might vary a smidge), it took 5 attempts to get the crown and brim to fit. I unpicked and resewed 4 times.
Sodding Evil Toddler Hat Mark I
This one twice... even after I retraced the pattern pieces and re cut everything. (Sodding thing....)
Sodding Evil Toddler Hat Mark II
You may wonder why I persisted. CT needs new hats especially since we we lost this wonderful one back in June. Plus there is secret squirelling involved. The 3rd completed hat a) has not been photographed (mainly because a camera went MIA, thanks CT) and b) I am pretty sure that a pickie of said hat would spoil a surprise (I know that the recipient's mummy lurks, but which mummy?? he he he....) Nothing like some secret squirrelling to motivate one, eh?? When it comes to kiddy clothes, I like to use tried and true patterns. So when first was a disaster, I stubbornness made me make another one (no sodding pattern was going to get the better of me). A case of third time lucky. There are another 4 in various stages of production (feel slightly like a mini factory...) but until they arrive at their homes, they are squirrels people. Those 4 would give me away, they would. Oh well back to creating. Cheers. :D


Katy said...

EVIL hat...or was it just too much gin?

Christina said...

Patterns never seem to turn out like their suppose to! Good luck with the others...CT's is very cute!

painted fish studio said...

grrrr... evil hats do look wonderful, despite the pain involved!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

All your sodding is cracking me up. In the end you've turned out some fabulous hats though!