Tuesday, 9 September 2008

You're so crafty

This is something that is said to me quite often by mums in the circles I travel in here. But, huh?? Not really, inspired by what I read and see on the Internet definitely, especially what I see in terms of kiddy craft. A half hour trip on the MRT can be interesting. Although, I enjoy playing cat and mouse with CT, there is a time and place and the train isn't one (though the kid in me thinks it should be). I went to the Crafty Crow last week because I am looking for travel distractions. I really liked Chasing Cheerios toddler bags. So I am slowly putting a few together.
Supply list
Today I decided to make a sandpaper activity. This is not an original idea, though I can't for the life of me remember where I read about this activity. Basically you need a piece of sandpaper and pieces of wool/string of various lengths. Then let them explore the medium and apply the wool as the spirit moves them.
As I am going to be shoving this in and out of a backpack/handbag often, I wanted to make it sturdy. I mean how long is a piece of sandpaper just is going to last?? Not long. So I got a cheap Ikea frame, cut out a piece of sandpaper the same size as the backing cardboard and popped it in. Then gave it a test run.
Fine sandpaper
Fine sandpaper, fail!! Not enough friction for the wool to adhere, and to think I choose the sandpaper for the colour (well I let CT because it's for her and I want her to feel she has some ownership, even if she is nearly 18 months). OOOPS! Not to worry, I found some steel wool pads under the sink and they work better but will be dropping into a hardware store soon. Hopefully this will keep CT entertained on the train tomorrow, on the way to Jurong Bird Park. :D Exciting but about 1 1/2 hours by public transport...
Sheesh, writing a post after a 2 generous G&Ts (which I EARNED today) is a challenge...
CT would like to give her 5 Sing cents worth and let you know that, mummy should be more understanding about her favourite pastime at the moment as per above.

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Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Love the idea of a frame! I have a piece of coarse sandpaper and a bag of string that I gave Seth to do just this sort of project. He barely did it but the corners of the sandpaper are still all smooshed. I think I gave it to him when he was too old for it. I should pull it out, stick it in a frame and give it to Eleanor to try. Thanks for reminding me!