Saturday, 5 April 2008

I'm Walking on a Small World

Peeps, I like to think of myself as the queen of spoonerisms. I love them and deliberately use them, blame Happy. So today I am mixing songs: I'm Walking on Sunshine and It's a Small World.

The small world part: I went to visit a dermatologist on Wednesday (Aside: another 3 suspect moles need to go. Hmmm may be there will be no skin left when I am 40...) and while he was getting my patient details (ie where I had lived to rate the melanoma risk) he mentioned that he lived in Brisbane. So I asked where, the same suburb as Donnie and Happy (and a lot of my late to early 20s), he asked which street (because we think it is the best 'burb), you could see the shock register in the guy's face. Who would have guessed that this doctor (out of the all the dermatologists in Singapore) lived a few streets away from where I was as a younger person.... So I spent the rest of Wednesday singing It's a Small World in English and Japanese. Oh I felt you needed to see the finished houses from The Lark (sort of seems appropriate given the doctor story). 'Spose that makes me a show off too....
The sunshine part: Look at what Jen sent me as part of our swap.
Happy Mail From Painted Fish
People, stalking the postie is not necessarily a bad thing. He was busting to give this hand this to me as I passed the letterboxes yesterday. I am one very lucky girl. I love books and paper and more so chiyogami. How lucky to have a book especially made and designed for me. (Yes I am a tragic, I've started to sing and groove again...) Oh and because a certain mobile is still absent, a 'temporary' was sent.
Happy Mail From Painted Fish
Jen, temporary my left foot, CT likes it,
Circle Joy
especially the new home. Even S likes it and he isn't a mobile person.

Hurry up postie, I have secret squirel photos I am busting to share. It is almost killing me to keep the surpises....

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painted fish studio said...

i am so glad you love the book and your temporary mobile! i love seeing pictures of CT, and now new ones of you and CT with the circles!

i need to stalk my post man! my package hasn't arrived yet. maybe today?!