Monday, 7 April 2008

Still Walking on Sunshine

Salubrious Salutations all. A big thank you to all of you who take the time to comment or send me mail, I cannot tell you how much it means to me and a lot of your encouragement gives me the warm fuzzies.

You might wonder why I am still walking on sunshine. My fabulous weekend was kicked off with Jen's lovely swap on Friday. I still haven't put anything in my book, but I have collected relevant stuff to put in it. If Jen and I ever meet, I'll share....

On Saturday I got word that Jen had received the swap that I sent and that she loved it. So a phew, a little nervous tension gone and now I can have a show and skite. A whole set devoted to what I got up to there.(I'll talk more about that in the next post. 2 day post today peeps). Saturday also saw a jaunt to Singapore's Japanese ex-pat major hang out. So I was able to finally get a copy of the spring edition of Cotton Friend (more on that later), find some of CT's favourite Japanese curry roux and eat authentic (honest) Japanese cuisine. CT also had the staff in the restaurant in stitches at the end of the meal when she decided that she needed to wipe the high chair tray clean. I was a little disappointed that she did not eat the cha-han (Japanese fried rice) we ordered for her because why have cha-han when there is a vegemite sandwich in the bag??

Sunday's good news is that okaasan (that's the title for MIL) is coming to visit from the 24th to the 30th of April. Our last meeting was not positive as I was dealing with PND, mastitis and severe sleep deprivation. Needless to say that I was not my usual self which had my outlaws wonder if the person they met last time was 'the real me'. Nope they just had an irrational panicky me. It has taken a looooong time for okaasan to be friendly or trust me (One feels that it is back because when she calls, she rarely wants to talk to S), so I really want to do a lot of bridge mending with her. I am also very happy for her sake that she had the courage to come to Singapore without otoosan. They are a pre-WWII mindset couple so for her to come to Singapore without him is a HUGE thing. Part of me is dancing because he is not coming (because I think he is a chauvinist), however, the parent in me is sad that he can't enjoy CT before she cottons on to what 'naughty' is. Apparently the dental clinic is that busy that he can't take the time off as well as his back and type 2 diabetes preventing a visit health wise. I am really proud of okaasan for just doing it. My sister-in-law is also coming (otherwise I do not think okaasan would have had the courage to come alone, her English is zero). I haven't seen oneesan (big sister, well she is married to S's older brother) for nearly 4 1/2 years. It's a shame that when we go on overseas holidays we do not occasionally head to Japan but S and his family do not see eye to eye. I also got time in lieu as well on Sunday afternoon. What did I do?? Go to a specialist fabric store to check out their felt range. One should have checked if they were actually open on a Sunday but it was in such a lovely area I went for a walk in the park and talked to random dogs.

Oh and today, CT and I got accepted into another playgroup. We start on the first Wednesday in May. I happen to know a few of the other mothers and toddlers in the group as well. Today we hung out at the library. It's awesome with lots of board books for CT and her age group and set out really well for them. For a change (I tend to head to the library on a stormy day like today), there weren't many 'helpers' rather mums with their littlies. So why shouldn't I be walking on sunshine??? Or is it more the Simon and Garfunkel 'Feeling Groovy' kind of thing?? Nah mix of both. :D

See you in the next post.


Anna said...

I can't believe you were nervous about what you sent Jen. It was an amazing package. I can't wait to see the items in person.

painted fish studio said...

um, i feel terrible for missing this blog post! good to have a bit of background on what's going on.

(oh, day ended badly at work, stress is at a high, high, high level, so i'm having some wine, and revisiting your blog...)

you're free! woot! :)