Friday, 11 April 2008

This is... a give away.

Umm you might be wondering why. It is not a 50th blog post entry or anything like that. While CT was going through all the interesting trinkets in the weekly 'This is..' meme, she stumbled upon these earrings.
This is...a give away.
I won't bore you with the reasons why I no longer wear earrings, anyhow, I don't think My Purple Crayon (if she lurks here) needs to choke on any more coffee (read here for the reason why she did it in the first place). Seeing that it will be years before CT will be wearing anything like this and I agree with Donnie's philosophy of not hoarding what you don't need (S has just snickered at this as he cruises past the computer, he thinks my supplies are more like Smaug's hoard...), so I think they need a loving home. What do you need to do to be in the running for these pretties??
This is...a giveaway
What do you think CT stands for? Kwoozy and Painted Fish Studio as you are both secret squirrel keepers, so sadly you have to sit out this one. It will be interesting so see if any of Donnie's pals lurk here as well. In the case of Donnie's pals, I would like to know what you thought CT meant before Happy proudly explained his moniker for our muse. You have until 12pm my time next Friday to submit your thoughts and S will choose the winner. There will be other goodies with the earrings but that is secret squirrel business, so you just have to let your imagination run riot as to what I may or may not include.

Nite all.
Ps A secret squirrel rant. I would like to say that a postal service in an unnamed country is slowly driving me round the twist. Do you have snails delivering your mail?? Well today is day 12. Where is it!!


Popsicles & Lollipops said...

As I sadly have been trouble wearing earrings at all lately, I won't toss my hat into the ring, lest risk that I, too, would not use these pretties...but I did post your giveaway in my flickr blog giveaway group. Hope that's a-ok with you. :-)
Good luck all!!

Katy said...

Hmmmm...CT.....I am useless at such quizzes but I would take a guess at cutie toes (I know - it's a crappy suggestion but she does have cute toes!!!!)

painted fish studio said...

i wish i could reveal it! i'm bursting... the story of "CT" is so fabulous!

Anna said...

I realize Friday has come and gone but here I am playing catch up with everyone's posts. You know the reason.

So, ever since you asked what CT stands for all I can think of is Cute Tush. I know that's not very lady like but babies do have the cutest bottoms. So, I'm dying to know... what does CT stand for?

Suzy said...

I can't wear earrings at the moment either, as a certain small person delights in yanking at them and I am worried that I'll lose my earlobes. But I am dying to find out what CT stands for!