Monday, 17 March 2008

Day of posts

I am making up for the lack of posts last week with lots today. To get the ball rolling, Painted Fish Studio tagged me (gosh my first tag and S thought I was nuts because I did a little victory dance about it). Secret 4s. Some were difficult to limit to 4 (places I have been to and places I have lived, so I mainly chose the most off beat).
4 jobs I¹ve had: general dog's body at Sew N Sew Quilters' Paradise for donkeys years (thanks Donnie it was fun), English conversation teacher (I have done this twice), Japanese teacher (K-12 which I love)

4 favorite movies: Lost is Translation (fave bits are the translation bits), Pirates of the Carribean (Arhhhh, Onesies and Cap'in Jack Sparrow), Stranger than Fiction (love the premise, will need see Being John Malkovich) and a toss up between Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (I love this English comedic duo, love the uptight policeman in Hot Fuzz and the array of sporting equipment used to kill zombies in Shaun of the Dead)

4 places I¹ve been: Cleves, Germany (Anne of Cleves one of randy Henry VIII's wives old stamping ground); Sapporo, Japan (S's hometown and where fortress out-laws is); Napier, New Zealand (loved the art deco buildings); The Big Pineapple, Sunshine Coast Australia (world's kitshest and shabbiest theme park).

4 places I¹ve lived: Lambassa, Fiji; Higashimurayamashi, Tokyo, Japan; Richmond, Queensland Australia; Singapore (presently and for a whole 17 days)

4 favorite tv shows: Dr Who (all, tragic but true); Mr Bean (man that program has saved my bacon so many times in English conversation classes); South Park (Starvin Marvin saved my final teaching prac.... Long story but I became a fan of those crass ijiots); Pride and Predjudice (Mr Darcy coming out of that pond, man that was a common daydream fantasy during my 2nd year at uni).

4 favorite radio programs: None here. In Australia Margaret Throsby's interviews on ABC Classic FM (listen to the pod casts most days here); The Hamish and Andy Show (love the A-Team rip off at the beginning); Radio National Breakfast (amazing what you hear) and The Media Report (interesting who is in charge of our 'news' and how they shape the information that we get).

4 favorite foods: Curry, Chillies, Chippies (the potato chip/crisp kind), Gin and Tonic (hey it's not a food but my reward at the end of most days)

4 places I'd rather be: Chatting with Donnie; anywhere but with my out-laws WHEN they are preaching at me how to be a good housewife (notice that I did qualify when I did not like their company); anywhere near water (got a view of the complex pool from the study, I can live with that); with my family

Okay now I need to nominate who I am going to tag. Definately Kwoozy, Hurrah! (Have you seen the awesome gift she gave her niece for her first birthday?? If not check it out!), Breaksville (who I haven't heard from for awhile...), Floating World

Donnie, I just couldn't help it, I had to explain myself. Wish I could tag you though.