Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Dear Painted Fish

Even though I have been slactacular tonight I did manage to get somethings done for our swap today. Of course I am not going to spoil the surprise but I did have some help choosing fabrics.
Helper extraordinaire
For everyone else, I think I have the zip market covered. What do you think??
Someone please shoot me! No make it the talentless talent questers in the park next to the train line (about 500m from the current residence). What possessed the local temple to inflict this upon the unwitting?? I have NEVER heard so much dreadful singing in Hokkien or English. And seeing that I am deaf in one ear at the moment they must be loud. And I thought there was going to be a Chinese Opera performing tonight and excited about it....


painted fish studio said...

i wish i had such a darling little helper! :)

so sorry to hear that the singing was less than inspirational!

Mcspannar said...

But joy upon joy there was Chinese opera and shrine carrying (so many be it is a Buddist temple and not Taoist....)!! Love that twangy music.