Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Excuse me if I ramble myself through the 7 random things about yourself tag from Kwoozy, I am self medicating a rather irritating ear infection (funny how it doesn't bother me as much while CT is keeping me company...) I was going to work on Painted Fish Studio's swap but self medicating = lots of unpicking.


1. Happy's (aka dad) eccentric ways have rubbed off on me to an extent. I will do it my way... But I have to explain myself at the same time (a trait that runs in Happy's family).

2. I had to have a dressmaker's pin surgically removed from my asofagus when I was 8 1/2 years old. Lesson learnt you should not try and imitate the sewers in your family and try and cough at the same time. Lesson not learnt use a pin cushion. I still put pins in my mouth.

3. I met S (aka Stingy depending on the post) on the internet. It was a case of mistaken identity. A mutual friend passed my email address on to S (because I introduced him to his wife while he was in Aus on uni exchange). We were both dissatisfied with the situations we found ourselves at the time and got 'friendly' through moan bonding.

4. I had to have an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction because I tried to Bend it Like Beckham (and it was not too long after the movie) with a cocker spaniel and a many terriers crossed fluff ball.

5. Mcspannar is Happy's nickname for me. It comes from 'Don't throw a spanner (wrench for US readers) in the works' (because I unintentionally do it a lot...). The 'Mc' is an honorary title from a 'Mc' day at Mickey Ds. Oops I have just told the world my first name...

6. CT is Happy's nickname for my little girl, it is really unPC and I love it. Kwoozy, Painted Fish Studio, Donnie, Happy, S and Donnie's 'gals' from her patchwork business know what it means. Okay in an attempt to flush out who lurks here, other than my cronies and Donnie's, I would love to see what you think it means.

7. I have often wondered why sewer as in someone who sews and sewer as in the effluent variety is spelt the same. (In an aside, S still has a problem pronouncing the two and often in introductions tell people that I am the effluent pipe system...)

Seeing that Kwoozy didn't nominate people for the tag, I will be a sheep and do the same. If you want to play along. Please do, just let me know. Between me and you, narrowing things down to 7 was difficult because I am a random kind of person. May be it is because I am blonde. What do you think Donnie??


painted fish studio said...

i LOVE your 7 random things! they're so eclectic and unique. i'm so glad i've met you!

i will not spill the beans on what CT means, but i still laugh when i think about the story!

and to learn how you met S, how fun!

and then to read #7, when i first read the word "sewer" i really did think you meant "sewer, the yucky kind". so we both have the same issue!

Mcspannar said...

Trust me this was difficult I have at least another 2 random 7s that I could post about. So if I get tagged again....

Yes it is a funny story. And I have figured a way to flush out the lurkers....