Monday, 3 March 2008

I'm back

... But then again I wasn't gone, gone. I just had technical difficulties posting at my temporary digs... Everytime I tried to log into blogger, I crashed my parent's browser. So I went on blogging hiatus until I moved to Singapore. Believe it or not I am literally sweating away on this post in this island nation.

What have I been up to?? Go here to see what crafting/sewing I have been up to (among other things...) I also helped a teeny tiny bit on an awesome quilt Donnie is making CT (Will stick with Happy's very un-PC nickname for my little girl). A lot of running after the now incredibly mobile home wrecker was where I spent most of her waking hours and I will be honest I lot of time in front of the zombie box in the evenings or hanging out on flickr. Lazy I know.

I have over committed myself with swaps because quite frankly I will need things to do to occupy myself while S the incredible box unpacker (he may be stingy but I will hand it to my hubby for unpacking all but four of our boxes. Lots of redecorating/organising will have to be done. But he has done the hard yards. Thanks S), is at work. He is a lawyer and it sounds like his new job is going to be quite busy. Seeing that I don't know anyone at the moment and so I have interests other than reorganising/little girl rearing, I want to do some creating.

Swaps coming up on the horizon are:
a)Group swaps
Easter Bunny Chicks Swap, Mother Goose Swap
b)Personal swaps
My Purple Crayon, Kwoozy and Painted Fish Studio

That should be enough to keep my out of mischief. Now all I need is a table to sew on as well as a tidy-ish room. This is my space at the moment. Aren't I just lucky to have my own creating room???