Friday, 21 March 2008

Guest Blogger

Hi everyone, my name is Wan-chan and I am stepping in for Mummy today. She is busy atoning for a few crimes that have been committed in this corner of paradise.

Crime 1
Day: Wednesday
Where: Shower
Time: 0700 hours
Victim: Me
Incident Report:
The parents have got it into their tiny minds that it is time for CT to become accustomed to the shower. It was also decided that it was Papa's job and Mummy would make a start on breakfast. Seeing that CT and I are joined at the hip (we're partners in crime even), I was quite happy to sit outside the shower cubicle and watch. But Papa had other ideas... He thought I was a little on the nose, so I needed a quick dip as well... Why?? What have I done wrong?? Aren't I the loyal hound that keeps CT safe, sound and amused?? Don't you know I am allergic to water?? To add insult to injury I was hung out to dry (literally) without even being patted dry in a towel. This where Mummy found me looking forlorn and love lost when she went to hang out the washing.
View of our corner of paradise
The spin in the washing machine was kinda fun (though a little bit frightening). Then I was allowed to bask in the sunlight in our room or the studio (CT and I like to share in all things). But I couldn't join in the fun during the storm, so I sent the humans to Coventry. There are always infinitely more interesting things outside..... Mummy was very inconsiderate not to let me join in. So what if I was wet??
A Hard Dog's Day
No I am not posing for your photo. Go away.

Crime 2
Day: Thursday
Where: The Studio
Time: Nap time
Victim: Antique Japanese silk crepe
Incident Report:
Mummy should have known better. Even though the sewing bible was consulted, what was she thinking?? If you are worried about hand sewing frail antique fabric, why sew them on Ma?? Mummy proudly showed us the fabric and explained it was very special and she had been saving it for the right project. We were not really allowed to touch because it was delicate... Look at the disaster that happened while we were napping.
Mummy had a gut feeling that this probably would happen. She felt guilty for committing a crime against fabric. We have since seen what she did instead, but that's a secret.

Well I am off there is more home wrecking to be a party to and Shiro to beat up (I have to maintain the dominant dog position you know...).

ta ta.

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